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Audits Solution

Our Approach

Qualified auditors will conduct an in-store visit to assess particular areas such as compliance to the
procedures and instructions, health and safety, risk assessment, in-stock conditions, inventory, pricing
accuracy, products appearance, product quality, products placement, and promotions.
A sophisticated application with high customizability to manage and monitor the auditing process. A
web and mobile application platforms managing auditing activities, which enables a real-time data
collection, analysis, items pictures, scanned code, and outcomes presentation.


Audits Program helps you to

  • Maintain a positive brand image

  • Identify areas of improvement

  • Discover growth opportunities

  • Gain a site assessment of your locations

  • Define development need

  • Avoid possible legal issues

What can audits program measure

  • Pricing Accuracy

  • Compliance with brand standards

  • Product availability

  • Risk assessment

  • Appearance


The ROI of Audits program

  • Increase sales

  • Save costs

  • Increase customer satisfaction level

  • Protect brand equity

Audits Types


Compliance Audits


Pricing Audits


Safety Audits


Merchandise Availability


Inventory Audits

Why us

Our local presence with market expertise enables us to build the right measuring process in order to gain the most insightful information related to your customer experience. After studying every aspect in your site operations, we develop a customized auditing program using the latest technology with a dedicated expert team to provide you with the most
appropriate solution that meet your requirements.