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Who We Are

Riyadh skyline at night #3, Fast Transit

IBS Customer Experience (Innovative Business Solutions) started with a single mission which is helping organizations to drive a successful customer experience strategy. Founded in 2018, at Al-Khobar City, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. Our main goal is to bring innovation into the customer experience practices in the region by empowering organizations with robust, creative, and advanced tools in order to keep them delighting their customers.

The increase in competitions with vast varieties of customer choices make the customer experience playing a significant role as a strong differentiator that will not only enable companies to survive in the market, but also to thrive by creating a solid customer relationship with their brand.

IBS Customer Experience is a marketing consultancy offering a range of customer experience solutions. Our services are designed to help businesses to drive growth opportunities by delivering great customer experience consistently.

Our team is always open to discuss new projects, creative ideas and opportunities to be a part of your visions. Feel free to connect with us.