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CEM Implementation

The Customer Experience Management platform provides you with real-time feedback for all customer touchpoints in the customer journey. Highly advanced technology that enables actionable insight and predicts business outcomes by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). 

How it works



Understanding your current CX situation and your business requirements.


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Building data collecting methodology and the CX metrics (NPS, CES, CSAT, other metrics) in the Customer Journey with aligning the business units KPIs.

Pencil and notepad


Setting program objectives and planning the required resources.



Supporting your program execution and ensuring the delivery of the CX insight to create positive business outcomes. 

1. Program Setting Up: preparing a customized CX program guideline and configuring the platform based on the program objectives.  

2. Users Training: delivering customized software training to all involved users from different business units based on their roles and customer experience procedures and processes.

3. Measurement Deployment: managing the measuring deployment in various data collecting formats including SMS, Email, IVR/IVA, POS, Reviews Platforms, Social Media channels, and others.

4. Systems Integration:  integrating the platform with the data that you already have from your ERP, CRM, and any other platform to have one view of your customer journey.

5. CX Performance Assessment: tracking the program progress and ensuring a successful implementation.