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CX Solutions

IBS Customer Experience is offering a range of solutions that help you to discover valuable insight about your customer experience. Our solutions are designed to provide you a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience ecosystem so you can deliver a great customer experience consistently.

CEM Implementation

The Customer Experience Management platform provides you with real-time feedback for all customer touchpoints in the customer journey. Highly advanced technology that enables actionable insight and predicts business outcomes by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML). 


Voice of Customer Solution (VOC)

We make it easy for your customers to share their feelings about your company. Our VoC solutions are designed to collect important information about your customer experience with your company. We turn this data into actionable insight to make it clear for you to take corrective decisions in improving your customer experience. We use different methodologies based on business, and industry requirements with ensuring the data accuracy, and highly responsive rate within timeline paced.

Customer Journey Mapping 

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Customer Journey Mapping is a visualization and understanding of the process that a customer goes through from touchpoints and across all channels.


CX Maturity Assessment

The CX maturity assessment helps you to understand your strengths/weaknesses of your Customer Experience program and illuminates the road map to apply the best practice in your customer experience program that leads to tangible ROIs.

Voice of Employees (VOE)

Voice of the Employee: listing to your employees and taking their feedback to improve your customer experience. (VoE) can include job engagement programs, surveys and evaluations, and direct feedback.