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Mystery Shopper

What is a Mystery Shopper?

Despite what the name may seem to imply, a mystery shopper in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, isn't someone who goes out shopping for mystery books or even mysterious items. Instead, it's a person who goes to a store and pretends to be a regular shopper. In reality, this person is taking note of everything from store appearance to customer service. The shopper then makes up a detailed report, which is sent to the store.


Stores typically hire a mystery shopper when they want to find out where they need to improve. If the shopper reports rudeness, clueless or uninterested salespeople, or similar personnel problems, then the store knows that more training – or even some staff changes – are in order. Reports that speak of dirty stores or broken amenities are also handled. The outsider will often notice things that current workers have ignored for months or years, so these reports are very valuable.

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