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Mystery Shopping Solution

Our Approach







We help you to gain a comprehensive, unbiased assessment of your customer touch points. We prospect, select, train and assign qualified mystery shoppers to conduct visit, call and online shops in order to evaluate particular areas in customer interactions that include: general appearance, staff skills and behaviors, process and procedures in your operations.







Mystery shopping solution helps you to:

  • Enhance customer service quality level

  • Increase sales and improve customer retention ratio

  • Improve and maintain a high level of frontline execution

  • Develop best practices in customer interactions

  • Identify areas of improvement in customer experience

  • Discover growth opportunities

  • Define the training and development need for your team

What can mystery shopping measure:

  • Customer service quality

  • Sales effectiveness

  • Staff skills and behavior

  • Conformance to brand standards

  • Competition standing

  • Compliance with regulations

  • General appearance

The ROI of Mystery Shopping

  • Increase revenue

  • Improve customer service performance

  • Increase customer satisfaction level

  • Enhance employees motivation

  • Protect brand equity

Mystery Shopping Types

On Site Mystery Shopping

  • Cleanliness & appearance

  • Staff behavior

  • Sales effectiveness

  • Customer service skills

  • Path to purchase

  • Product presentation

  • Competitor’s analysis

  •  Standards Compliance

Phone Mystery Shopping

  • Welcoming attitude

  • Friendless

  • Timing

  • Product/service knowledge

  • Regulations Compliance

  •  Competitor’s analysis

Online Mystery Shopping

  • Customer inquiries

  • Technical issues

  • Purchase process

  • Web navigation

  • Competitor’s analysis

Why us

Our local presence with market expertise enables us to build the right measuring process in order to gain the most insightful information related to your customer experience. After studying every aspect in your customer journey, we develop a customized mystery shopping program using the latest technology with a dedicated expert team to provide you with the most appropriate solution that meets your needs.