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Voice of Customer Solution

Our Approach

We make it easy for your customer to share their feeling about your company. Our VoC solutions are
designed to collect important information about your customer experience with your company. We turn
this data into actionable insight to make it clear for you to make corrective decisions in improving your
customer experience. We use different methodologies based in business, industry requirements with
ensuring the data accuracy, and highly responsive rate within timeline paced.

VoC solution helps you to

  • Understand your customer expectations

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Improve the NPS (Net Promoter Score)

  • Increase sales effectiveness

  • Increase marketing effectiveness

  • Drive audience engagement

  • Enhance customer loyalty

  • Advance conversion rate

  • Increase positive word of mouth

What can VoC measure

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • New Product development

  • Customer loyalty level

  • Pre-purchase/post-purchase surveys

  • Lost customer surveys

  • Voice of Employees

  • Closed Complaint Surveys

The ROI of VoC solution

  • Increase your revenue

  • Reduce the cost of acquiring/retaining customers

  • Enhance employee engagement

  • Reduce customer service cost

Voice of Customer Types 

Face to Face Interviews

  • Exit interview

  • Visit interview

Telephone Surveys

  • Phone call interview

  • IVR Survey

Online Surveys

  • Web application 

  • Email

  • Mobile

  • Social media

Social Media/Online Monitoring

Why us

Our local presence with market expertise enables us to build the right measuring process in order to gain the most insightful information related to your customer experience. After studying every aspect in your customer journey, we develop a customized VoC program using the latest technology with a dedicated expert team to provide you with the most appropriate solution that meets your business requirements.